Women of Eros

Women of Eros


Hello beloved,

It’s Ava & Amanda;
Your guides and experts in Intimacy & Sexuality.
You’re invited into the journey of a lifetime.
A deep dive into intimacy,
the kind of intimacy you’ve dreamed of
but didn’t know how to reach.

We invite you to say YES

to expanded states of pleasure and a sex life that will bring you to your knees.

Over the years, we’ve learned (through trial and error) just what it takes to truly create deeply connected, honest, raw and vulnerable relationships. Relationships that aren’t just there for your safety and security, but relationships that bring you a whole new level of meeting yourself and your partner.

The truth is your relationship as it stands now, has the potential to sky rocket in pleasure, connection, truth, trust and depth. Wherever you may feel stuck inside your relationship, whether it’s in the bedroom, in communication or expressing your needs we’ve got you covered.

The only thing you have to do is say YES and commit to 10 juicy date nights with your beloved that will bring you a whole lot of pleasure and fun (doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?)

Deep down, you desire more from your relationship. You hate to admit it, but over the years you’ve gotten into the same routine with your partner and desire to reginite the passion between you both. The problem is this topic is so deep (and quite vulnerable), that you don’t know how or where to begin.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to!


Deeper Intimacy

Your guided journey into a deeper connection, more pleasure and the intimacy you long for.
You'll receive the fully guided tantric date nights delivered straight to you.

We’ve made it our life’s work to truly understand the vast and incredible portal of intimacy, sex and relationships. It’s interesting that we live in a world where throughout our entire education, we learn nothing about the very thing that we all long for…

To love and be loved.

How to ‘do relationships’ in a way that is healthy, conscious and connected on a mind, heart and sex level is what we’ve dedicated our lives to.

After traveling the world, studying various ancient traditions in intimacy such as Tantra, as well as taking numerous amounts of tranings and having our own extensive life experiences in the world of sex, intimacy and relating we have culminated a series of 10 practices that have changed our intimate lives and we’re now beyond excited to share them with you!

This is you

What makes this program so special?

10 Date Night

Every week these pre-recorded practices
will be delivered straight to you. You will
have life-time access to the course.

2 Conflict Resolution

Sometimes things can get heated and
that’s okay, let us share with you how you
can navigate these situations openly.

2 Embodiment

Practices to get out of your mind, into
your body and into deeper intimacy.

The Course Content

Practice #1

Deeper Truth – connect to your
intentions, fears & desires

Practice #2

Soul Gaze – being seen and be seen;
can you really let love in?

Practice #3

Tantric Breathwork – awaken your
capacity to receive pleasure &
energy orgasms

Practice #4

Consent is Sexy – how to play with

Practice #5

Sensual Play – unlock your full body
orgasmic potential

Practice #6

oni / Lingam Worship – learn the
ancient practice of genital worship

Practice #7

Pussy Massage – give her a
healing experience that will
change the way her pussy opens
for you

Practice #8

Cock Massage – give him a healing
experience that will change his
relationship to pleasure

Practice #9

Polarity Play – learn how to play
with polarity inviting in dom/sub
role play

Practice #10

Energy Orgasms – turn your love-
making into hours of endless
orgasmic play

The Investment

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Your next steps

1. Pick the option that serves you best
2. You receive a welcome email that explains how this program works
3. You sit down with your partner to pick + plan the 10 date nights (and commit to them)
4. You watch as your intimacy deepens, your passion expands and your love life is taken to new heights

Women of Eros

Who are we?

Hi, we are Ava + Amanda,

Intimacy Experts in the field of (Sacred) Sexuality.

How special it is that we actually met at a Temple! The Beyond Temple of Deep Delights in the Netherlands, already more than 3 years ago. This is where the foundation of our connection was formed. Half a year later, when the whole world was in lock down, we found ourselves on the beautiful tropical island Koh Phangan in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand.

It was here that our relating started to deepen and since then we have been traveling the world; teaching, living, expanding, transforming, growing and loving together… Right now we made the choice to settle down in the Netherlands to grow roots and deepen our in person work.

We have a shared vision of bringing more intimacy and depth into the world, where it is our first and foremost priority to create safety for YOU to explore and expand. We both value the power of transformation, the love for this work and providing safety & clarity in both our online and offline work.

Always in service of something bigger than us, always in connection with the Divine.

Do you think we are a couple? Follow us on IG to find out more!

@theamandabiccum & @intimatewithava

xo, Ava + Amanda

lets make magic


1. Is this course LIVE or pre-recorded?

BOTH. The date nights are pre-recorded so you can schedule them when it serves you best. The LIVE calls are for questions and to connect with others on the journey

2. Do I have to have a set time to do the dates?

Nope. It’s completely up to you what fits your schedule. We do suggest doing a date every week and if that's not possible at least bi-weekly. Make it a commitment to you and your partnership

3. What if I’ve never done Tantra is this for me?

Yes. Our practices are inspired by the Tantric way and infuse a blend of many of the intimacy and relationship tools we’ve gathered along the way. This course is designed with simple practices that can bring any relationship to new depths.

4. Do you have to be spiritual to enjoy this course?

While we do have a spiritual elements to our work, the practices can be done with as much spirituality or as little spirituality as you would like to encorperate. Please note: we do invite in creating altars, sacred spaces and connecting to the Divine/Source throught this course

5. What if I don’t have a partner, can I still get this course?

The short answer is YES. This is a couples course which means the exercises included are created for couples and you choose to practices these exercises with a friend, lover or someone you know who is interested in learning Tantra.

You will have lifetime access to this journey and can always buy it now while the prices are low and save it for when your beloved arrives.

6.Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we now offer a payment plan with 3 installments of 222 euro. If you really want to join the course but are financially challenged, please message info@avatamar.com and we will do the best to work something out.

7.Will you run this course again?

This course is now available as a self-paced guided journey - with one LIVE workshop call per month.

8. I'm very busy, but want to do this course. Can I buy it now and take it later?

Yes of course. Once you buy the content, its yours! You can take it whenever you like you will just have to watch the LIVE calls on REPLAY

GET IN TOUCH AND I’ll be happy to help.