Deeper Intimacy

3 Date Night for couples” The Bundle Now for nearly 90% off! Only 37  EURO Ancient knowledge in a sophisticated but practical package!

Imagine this:

the candles are lit and you and your partner are deeply gazing into each other’s eyes. You feel that fire in your belly you used to feel in the beginning of your relationship. You finally understand those couples who stay in love FOREVER. The both of you are moving closer together and a very intense and deep love making session follows. You didn’t know this was possible, yet here it is. 

In this bundle you will immerse yourselves in a

Date Night Trilogy experience that will take you and your beloved deeper into connection and intimacy, so that you can reignite the flame of passion once again ❤️‍🔥

This exclusive bundle includes three juicy date night experiences that will deepen your connection to your partner in ways you have never experienced before.


What to Expect?

Inside this bundle you will receive the first 3 date nights of our online course “Deeper Intimacy”. Create more depth and intimacy through life altering teachings and empower you and your partner to:

Explore Vulnerability: Connect on a deeper level by opening up and sharing your true authentic selves.

Foster Understanding: Learn the art of active listening and discover new ways to truly hear each other.

Navigate Challenges: Gain practical tools to navigate conflicts with compassion and understanding.

Reignite Passion: Rekindle the spark with each practice designed to enhance the intimacy and connection between you and your beloved.

What’s Inside?

Date Night #1

Learn the art of Conscious Communication and delve into the art of meaningful conversations. Explore vulnerability, foster understanding, and navigate challenges with expert guidance, and learn what will enhance the foundation of your relationship. (Hint: this tool can be used both inside and out of the bedroom 🤫)

Date Night #2

Experience a profound soul connection through the art of intentional eye contact. This intimate practice goes beyond words, allowing you to truly see and be seen by your partner, fostering a soulful bond. It will relax your nervous system and give  you a special tool that will help you see beyond any past pain or wounding and invite you both into deeper love. 

Date Night #3

Ignite passion and deepen intimacy through the transformative power of breath. Learn tantric techniques that heighten awareness, sensitivity and connection, creating a sacred space for you and your partner. You will discover the biggest secret to create  more pleasure inside the bedroom - for both you and your partner 😉

💑 Why Choose "Deeper Intimacy":

Convenient Online Access:

Enjoy the program from the comfort of your home, creating a relaxed and intimate environment at the click of a button.

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the wisdom of renowned intimacy experts Amanda Biccum and Ava Tamar.

Potent Practices:

Engage in powerful practices that cultivate and deepen your connection and your emotional bond with your partner.

Meet your guides:

Hi, we are Ava + Amanda,

Intimacy Experts in the field of (Sacred) Sexuality.

Ava Tamar – Temple Priestess & Mentor of bold humans

Studied at the International School of the Temple Arts (ISTA) & ‘Beyond – Tantric Temple of Deep Delight”, where she assisted for many years as a senior Dakini.
She has been a facilitator at numerous international Tantra Festivals & gave workshops all over the world. For the last 7 years as a Tantrica she has been guiding men and women into remembrance; that your uniqueness is your super power and nobody is like you. And in case you forgot, she reminds you: “You are already whole!” She shares her life unedited on IG & uses her voice to speak about Sacred Sexuality and authenticity. 

Amanda Biccum – Intimacy Coach &  Embodiment Mentor 

She has studied at the International School of the Temple Arts (ISTA), Beyond Temple and was a lead assistant at The Field Trauma Informed Facilitator Training. In her work she focusses on guiding men and women back into connection with their bodies, their pleasure and their sexuality. She firmly believes that our body is our temple and coming back ‘home’ to our bodies is the pathway to more pleasure and deeply fulfilling relationships. She spent many years traveling the world learning from various teachers, disciplines and spiritual practices around the world. She also taught at different Tantra Festivals & gave workshops all over the world. 

Ava & Amanda give workshops and retreats  as “The Deeper Intimacy Collective”

xo, Ava + Amanda

Why the Bundle & Why now:

1. Each date night builds upon the other, creating a holistic approach to your relationship's growth.

2. Unbeatable Value.
Enjoy all three programs at an incredible 90% off the original price, making this bundle a no-brainer investment towards the future of your relationship. 

3. It’s happening NOW and for a limited time only.

Designed for couples seeking to deepen their bond, "Deeper Intimacy" brings you a unique and transformative date night experience. 


As a very special bonus, all participants will receive access to the monthly online masterclasses for FREE. Every masterclass will explore a different topic in the realms of intimacy, relationships and sexuality. You’ll have the opportunity to write to Ava & Amanda directly, bringing in personal topics you may be struggling with. 

Join us for this Date Night bundle that takes you beyond the ordinary—where connection, intimacy, and true love flourish. Reserve your spot for “Deeper Intimacy” now and receive this limited-time opportunity to access the 3 Date Night Bundle at an unbeatable price. It’s your turn to embark on a path to a more profound connection with your partner.

Invest in your relationship today. 

Your journey to deeper intimacy begins here.

Love, Ava & Amanda

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